Monday 12 March 2012

Del Sol Color Changing Polish

I've got some awesome polish to show you today!  My sister gave this to me to swatch.  It changes color in the sunlight.  It starts as a pinky coral and turns to purple.  It is so cool!  I have never heard of Del Sol before.

You can see the color changing in each pic, some are in the sun and some are shade to get the true color.

These next 3 are in the sunshine

Back in the shade, look at the pretty purple!

It was so fun, I went back inside to do it again!  Here is the 2nd round!


  1. Del Sol is a very cool brand. In the summer when most people are in and out of the sun, this polish will be quite a talking point ;)

  2. I don't have any del sol but they look like fun polishes.

  3. I love these polishes! I own this one in your photos and three others!!! <3

  4. I also love the del sol polishes. I have 4 bottles and would buy more but they're so expensive in the del sol stores... I bought my 4 bottles when Walgreens sold them and they were 3/$10. But one of the reasons I love them is because when I'm not sure what color polish I want to go with, I can pick one of those and actually get 2 nail colors out of it then. This week I tried heartbreak (red glitter color indoors and a purple shade in the sun) over black, but I can't see it change colors in the sun. But it still looks awesome over the black. I also want to say that I love your blog and think your pictures and nails are always so awesome.


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