Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Twinsie Tuesday Jelly Sandwich

Hiya friends!  Welcome to another Twinsie Tuesday.  This week is jelly sandwiches, my faaaaaave!

Here is mine

I used Sally Hansen Blue Me Away, mixed with a lot of clear coat to make a 'jelly' and I used Island Girl Aloha Surf, for my glitter.  One coat of jelly, one coat of glitter, and another coat of jelly = jelly sandwich!

You know the drill, check out the twinsie's:

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Welcome to another new member Brandi! This is a fun group of girls!


  1. I love this!! Such a great combo!

  2. Ohhhh. This is really pretty! I may have to try this combo!

  3. NOw, I just want that glitter it is effin awesome! LOve the combo!

  4. I do love a jelly sandwich but still haven't tried one myself. This is gorgeous!

  5. I love all of yall's jelly sandwiches! I really like the size of the glitter in this one! Very cute!

  6. I love this jelly sandwich!!!! Great job!

  7. This is super cool! I love it. It reminds me of cupcakes and sprinkles.

  8. Oh, the jealousy! Anne, your jelly sandwiches are always just so PERFECT, your nails look like glass. GORGEOUSSSSS.

  9. in love. your jelly sandwiches are amazing!!

  10. I absolutely looooove this combo. The jelly made with Sally Hansen Blue Me Away literally blue me away. Your swatches want to make me keep trying for a better jelly sandwich lol :)

  11. Great combo! This looks like it belongs together!


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