Saturday, 27 April 2013

Love and Beauty Peach and Wet n Wild Fergie Hollywood Walk of Fame

Hiya Dolls.
I live in BC Canada, and really close to the American border, so I love to make the trip across to pick up certain items that I can't find here.  I was so excited when the mall in Washington opened up a Forever 21!  Their Love and Beauty polishes are so cute and have a great price point at $2.80 a piece. 
This is Peach, a really lovely orange peach with lots of silver shimmer.  Formula was a little thick, this is two coats.

 I added one coat of Hollywood Walk of Fame from the Wet n Wild Fergie Collection.  This topper is packed with multicolored stars and silver bar glitter.  The stars didn't lay flat against my (very curved) nails.  There were a few edges poking out, even with a topcoat.


  1. I love this polish with the addition of the stars :)

  2. That love & beauty polish is so pretty!

  3. I hate when glitters don't lay flat. I'm not the biggest glitter wearer as you know, but I have very similar issues when I try to wear larger shaped glitter. The peach, however, is so pretty!

  4. Wow!! This is lovely! Love the addition of the stars.

  5. I have the worst luck trying to get these glitters to lie flat or even get on the nail for the matter. It frustrated me so much that while I was packing, I think I put it with stuff for storage.


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