Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Twinsie Tuesday Skittles

Hello hello, welcome to Twinsie Tuesday.
Today we are showing mani's with polish chosen by somebody else.  I let each of my family members choose a color.  Loralai (10 years old) chose China Glaze For Audrey, which is on my pointer finger.  She also chose Zoya Song, which is on my ring finger.  Nalaya (8 years old) chose China Glaze Make An Entrance, the hot pink on my middle finger.  And my hubs Canaan chose OPI On Stranger Tides, on my pinky.  The funny part was when I asked him to pick a polish, he just yelled out On Stranger Tides!  Funny that he knows this stuff!
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  1. These theoretically shouldn't work together this well, but they look beautiful! Your family has awesome taste. And way to go, Canaan!

  2. Love how the colors work together :] I'm not adventurous enough to try skittles, I only ever do one accent nail lol

  3. Love that you let different people choose a color each. I love Make an Entrance!

  4. This is a great combo, it makes me want to try a skittles mani tonight :) Also I find it hilarious that your husband knew the name of the polish he chose without even looking.

  5. All of these are gorgeous! :D

  6. Love the combo of colors!! Great picks!

  7. I love that you had your whole family choose a polish! They all chose great colors!

  8. Lovely! My boyfriend was the same way. Right off his lips was Essie Aruba Blue, but I made him pick something else. :)

  9. Lol about your husband! That made me laugh!

  10. The combo really works; your family has nicely coordinated tastes!


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