Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Clinique Enamel, Limited Edition Summer 2013, Swatches and Review

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Clinique A Different Nail Enamel for Sensitive Skins has just made it's debut in Canada.  I have totally fallen for Clinque polishes, the application is a breeze, they dry soooo quickly and wear super well!  You can see my swatches of the permanent collection here.  Today I have four out of the nine limited edition colors for Summer 2013.
First up is Hula Skirt, the prettiest grass green cream.  Formula was fantastic, two smooth coats for perfect coverage.

Pinkini is a flirty bubble gum pink cream.  Pinks are always a hit in my books, so it's no wonder that this one is my favorite.  Again this is two coats for perfect coverage.

Hot Date is a squishy purple jelly.  I used three coats to cover up my nail line and this jelly built up wonderfully.  My camera showed Hot Date more red than it is in person.  I see some fun jelly sandwiches in the future with this one!

Strappy Sandals is a shiny silver foil.  I was surprised that a silver foil was in a Summer collection, but as soon as I read the name Strappy Sandals, it made perfect sense!  I think that it's a fabulous idea and I am super excited to wear this in the Summer.  Application was great, two thin coats were all I needed.


Which ones catch your fancy?
*Products in this post were provided for my honest opinion.


  1. Um. I want all of these! Damn you and your nails- they hypnotize me ;-)

  2. Stunning colors! They definitely make you looks twice. =)

  3. These polishes look amazing and your nails make them look even more amazing lol!

  4. These are just fantastic! I love how classic and chic they are!


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