Saturday, 6 July 2013

Shimmer Lorene

I was so thrilled when the creator of Shimmer polishes asked me she could send me some to review.  I have seen these little beauties all over the nail blogs lately, and let me tell you, they do not disappoint!
The first Shimmer I decided to wear is Lorene.  Lorene is so colorful and sparkly (well they ALL are very sparkly).  Lorene has large gold and orange hex, medium sized blue, red, green, gold and purple hex and micro red, blue, purple and gold glitters.  I am sure that I have missed some glitters there somewhere, they are so complex.
 I sponged Lorene on the tips over Orly Fiesta.

And this glitterbomb is just two coats of Lorene over Fiesta.  Application is a breeze, the glitters just glide on evenly, no fishing or dabbing required at all.

Look at all those yummo glitters!

I love that I don't have to be afraid of removal of glitters anymore thanks to the tin foil method.  You all know about this right?  Changed my polish life!  I use a cotton ball dipped in acetone, wrap each finger with a bit of tinfoil, and leave it on for about 2 minutes and the glitter just slides right off.  I would like to try the white glue base for glitters, have any of you tried that yet?
Shimmer Polish can be purchased from Shimmer's Etsy Store, or on her website Shimmy Shimmer.  They are $12 each and worth every penny!
*Some products in this post were sent for my honest review


  1. Her polishes are amazing! I love the base color you paired it with!

  2. This is soooo pretty!!! I haven't tried the glue method yet either.

  3. Thanks for sharing. I love the Shimmer polishes and this one would be a great addition to my collection it appears :)

  4. I love your nails! I'm letting them grow to shape them the way you do!

  5. These are gorgeous together! I love the glitter gradient you did with them!

  6. You have really pretty nails! :)

  7. Glue basecoat really does work well. I am a every thing picker tho and just knowing how easy I could pick it off does not bode well for me.


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