Tuesday 15 October 2013

Twinsie Tuesday Most Hated Trend

Hiya Dolls
I am sorry in advance for my horrible picture of this weeks TT theme!  Of course I knew right away what trend I would use....CRACKLE.  Here we go,
I am so glad the crackle trend is over.  I don't miss the look of this at all.  I also don't miss the weird formulas, and how sometimes they work and sometimes they don't!
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  1. I do like some of the crackle formula's but I am glad it's in the past now. Plus the bottle goes really weird if you leave it for too long and the crackle stops working

  2. I dislike crackle too! And I agree with the formulas, some polishes needed to go on wet nails, semi-wet, dry. I could never follow!

  3. I think I got crackle to work on me exactly once, and then it never worked again! LOL Your nails still manage to look pretty even with this on!

  4. I never even got around to wearing the crackle polishes I bought. I'd like to, but I feel almost burned out on them. The trend blew up too fast.

  5. I'm so with you!! Not a crackle fan.

  6. I will agree that the crackle formulas varied by brands. I still like them though.

  7. lol! I was into the crackle look when it started, but after a while...it did get old haha

  8. you were right, there were a lot of crackles. if only they cracked into cool shapes but even then that would get played out.

  9. What ChiChi said ^^ I could never learn to love this trend!!

  10. I love crackle, but this one does look quite sad! I never tried the Maybelline ones.

  11. I picked crackle too! It used to be awesome, but I hate it now!


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