Thursday 27 March 2014

Nicole by OPI Roughles

Press Release
Hey Dolls
The sun is shining here in BC today and I am wishing on Spring with my new Roughles colors!  Nicole by OPI has four new textured polishes called Roughles (pronounced ruffles) and they are so perfect for Spring.
First up is the lovely soft pink called Rock The Look.  Rock The Look has tiny little red and black gritties in it that make it textured.  I found the texture of these to actually be less bumpy and gritty when dry than other textured polishes that I've tried.  It dries super quick and if you apply a good thick layer you will only need one coat!

Next up is this pretty lavendar purple called I'm Stucco On You.  I'm Stucco On You has blue and red gritties that add the texture.  Again this can be a one coater if you apply it carefully.
Aren't these perfect for Spring?  I can definately see an Easter mani happening with these shades!  The Nicole by OPI Roughles Collection will be available in stores as of March 2014.


  1. Usually I prefer sparkly textures, but these look amazing!

  2. I got all four of these! I love every single one!!

  3. Soooo beautiful! Love your swatches <3

  4. These are perfect for spring! Beautiful swatches as always!

  5. Aaugh, why does everything look so amazing on you, Anne?! ^_^
    I love this take on the textures--those little speckles are so robin's egg adorable!

  6. I love these! I'm Stucco On You especially :)


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