Wednesday, 23 July 2014

OPI Wipe-Off!

Hey there Dolls!
I have something new and fun to show you today.  Introducing OPI Wipe-Off! acetone-free lacquer remover wipes.  I recieved a box of these to try out and I was really impressed.

Even though these wipes are acetone free, they do a really good job of removing your polish.  One wipe does all 10 nails (I could've even taken the polish off my toes with the same wipe!)  I held the wipe on my nail for about 5-10 seconds and then swiped the polish off.  It didn't push the polish around or stain my cuticles like some remover can.  It also smells lovely, like lavender.
These are perfect for you to take on vacation with you so you can easily remove your mani when it's looking a little tired!  They work so well that I will definitely be using them at home as well!
OPI Wipe-Off! is available in stores and salons in July 2014 and a box of 10 wipes retails for $8.95 cnd.
Products in this post were sent for my honest review


  1. Great review on these wipes! They sound wonderful for travel!

  2. These sound great. I'm not usually a fan of wipes as I find you have to use loads and and up with stained hands but these look great. Have to get some for my travels

  3. One thing about nail polish is the removal. I hate it! These are kinda neat. I would totally try them.


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