Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Nicole by OPI Fall Into Color 2014


Hey Dolls

I have the Nicole by OPI Fall Into Color Collection to share with you today.  There are four new colors in this collection, three creams and a fun glitter.

First up is Berry The Hatchet, a stunning raspberry cream.  Formula was fantastic, two smooth coats for perfect opacity.

Next is Poised For Turquoise, a beautiful mint/teal cream.  Again, formula was great, two easy coats.

The last cream polish called Did He Wink At Me? is my favorite for a few reasons.  First is because it's purple, of course!  And second is because this lovely purple is a one coater! 

And last but definitely not least is the glitter topper called Dazzling With Talent.  Dazzling With Talent has loads of holo glitters in a clear(ish) base.  The glitter is quite fine but still has some texture to it. 

Two coats, no base color.

This is one coat of Dazzling With Talent over Did He Wink At Me?

This collection is available now in select stores.  Will you be picking any of these colors up?


  1. These are gorgeous on you! I picked up Poised for Turquoise, but I'm having second thoughts about leaving behind Did He Wink At Me?.

    1. Thank you Luvey! I highly recommend Did He Wink At Me?

  2. Did He Wink at me is gorgeous plus it's a one coater? Definitely have to pick that one up.

  3. These are all so lovely! Your swatches are always so amazing!

  4. Awe thanks so much Lisa, you are too sweet!

  5. Lovely swatches indeed! I wanna try the violet one with the topper. They look great together!

  6. hey there :) i'm new to your blog and i just wanted to tell you that i love it so much! your nails are so pretty and the always look flawless!
    i love your nail shape so much, i need to have them like that right now! mine are pretty round now so it's gonna take forever to have them like yours :/
    have a lovely day! :)
    isabel from germany


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