Friday, 20 March 2015

Mia Secret Color Changing Polish

Hey Dolls

I've got a super fun colour changing polish to show you all today.  I have wanted a colour changing polish for ages now so when Simply Spoiled Beauty said I could choose a few items from their shop, I knew exactly what to pick!

This polish is called Pink to Peach by Mia Secret and it is a fun bright pink in it's cold state and a soft pale pink in it's warm state.  Application was fine, a little patchy, I used three coats for full opacity. 

Here it is in it's warm state.

Transitioning back to cold (my hands are ALWAYS cold!)

 Here it is after I warmed up two of my fingers to show you the difference.

I think colour changing polishes are super fun!  What are some of your fave colour changing polishes?

Thanks for looking Dolls!

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