Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Essie and China Glaze Skittles

Hello Dolls!

How are you all today?  I finally found China Glaze I'm Not Lion, I have been looking for this in stores everywhere!  I decided to use it in a skittle mani with Essie Stones N' Roses and Strut Your Stuff.

I'm Not Lion is THE PERFECT accent-nail polish.  Prepare yourself, you'll be seeing this a lot in my mani's from now on!  Essie Stones N' Roses is the loveliest peachy/pink for Spring and I'm loving the bright pop of blue (Strut Your Stuff).


  1. I love this beautiful color combination =)

  2. Which top coat is this? So glossy!

    1. I always use NYC Grand Central Station for my topcoat. It dries super fast and glossy and it's so inexpensive! I go through A LOT of topcoat :)

    2. Looks extremely pretty


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