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OPI Starlight Collection Winter 2015 Swatches and Review


Hiya Dolls!

I have the full OPI Starlight Collection for Winter 2015 to share with you today!  I've been waiting to get my little hands on these beauties for so long!  There are 18 polishes in this Winter collection that are perfect for the Holiday season.

 First up is I'm in the Moon for Love which is a gorgeous plum purple with shimmer.  The formula was super easy to work with, two easy coats for perfect opacity.  I love the shimmer in here, and I don't have anything like this one in my collection!

 Comet Closer is a textured gold metal.  The formula was great, perfectly opaque in two easy coats.  This is without topcoat, I did add a topcoat and while it did smooth out the finish to the touch, it still looked textured to the eyes.

This romantic red cream is called Love is in My Cards.  This is a super pigmented easy polish to work with, I used two easy coats.  Such a great Christmas red!

 Infrared-y to Glow is a pink and silver glitter topper.  I'm not sure what the shape of these glitters are?  Shooting stars maybe?  I had to play around a bit to get the glitters evenly placed on the nails, they wanted to clump together a bit.  One coat of Infrared-y to Glow over Love is in My Cards.

Is this Star Taken? has holographic bar glitter in a metallic gold base.  I feel like the bar glitter would show up better if the metallic base was more sheer.  I used two easy coats for my swatch.

The holo bar glitters do show up if you tilt your nails around and catch the light just right.  I think this would be super cool if that holo showed up just like it does in the bottle.

Press * for Silver is a beautiful warm, rosy silver foil.  I wasn't expecting to like this one as much as I do, it may actually be my fave of the whole collection!  Formula was fantastic, two easy coats.  I don't even mind the streaks because the shade is so awesome!

 By the Light of the Moon has silver glitters in various sizes in a silver foil base.  This is another one where the bottle looks so amazing but once the polish dries on the nail, those glitters stop shining and just look bumpy.  If the foil finish was more sheer, those glitters would pop.

Super Star Status is a fabulously shimmery silver and gold textured glitter.  This is one coat of Super Star Status over By the Light of the Moon.  You can wear this on its own and it will be opaque in two to three coats.

Ce-less-tial is More is a stunning rose gold textured glitter with holo glitter mixed in.  The formula was surprisingly easy to work with, I used two thick coats.

I had to topcoat this one and I love how it turned out!  I used two thick coats cuz it's really really textured!

Center of the You-niverse is a beautiful black polish with an amazing amount of silver glitter.  This totally looks like Space on your nails!  Formula was fantastic, two easy coats.

Two Wrongs Don't Make a Meteorite is a glitter topper with charcoal diamond glitter and pink glitter with those little shooting stars again.  I needed to fish around a bit and place the glitter on the nails, but it was easy enough to work with.  One coat of Two Wrongs Don't Make a Meteorite over Center of the You-niverse.

 Cosmo With a Twist has the most amazing duochrome flakie glitters in a deep purple jelly base.  This is such a cool polish!  Formula was really easy to work with, a little runny, I used three thin coats for my swatch.

I Drive a Super Nova is a one coat silver foil.  This polish is so opaque and easy to use, I love how most of the streaks disappeared while it dried!

 No More Mr. Night Sky is a dark, gun metal grey that is jam packed with silver shimmer.  The formula was great, a little bit watery, but I only needed two coats.

Give Me Space is a stunning deep blue with holo bits!  I live for these kinds of polishes!  Ok that's a little dramatic, but I really do love them.  I know this one will be a fan favorite, it really is so dang beautiful.  I had a hard time getting the holo bits to show up under my lamps, but I can't wait to see the rainbow show up in the sunshine.

I really tried to capture the holo, but it just wasn't working.

 Ro-Man-ce on the Moon is a glowy, lit-from-within red.  This is so stunning and makes me just want to stare at my nails constantly.  The formula was great, it is super pigmented.

Guys & Galaxies  is a vampy, burgundy cream.  The formula was good, I used two coats for full opacity.  I love that this is dark and vampy but you can tell that it is an actual color, it doesn't just look black on the nails.

Last, but certainly not least, we have Let Your Love Shine, a fabulous deep red with the most amazing gold shimmer flecks. I swoon over these types of polishes, I want them ALL!  The formula was great, no issues here, two coats.

I think that there are some really fun polishes in this collection!  I love that OPI takes chances with their collections with new finishes and glitters instead of always playing it safe.  A few of my faves of the Starlight Collection are: Press * for Silver, Let Your Love Shine, Give Me Space, Ce-less-tial is More and Cosmo With a Twist.

The OPI Starlight Collection is available now in select stores and salons.


  1. Great swatches! They look good :)

  2. Cosmo, Night Sky and Space are on my shopping list for sure, maybe the last one and maybe Super Star Status? All very pretty in the pix! Just some of the risks they keep taking with glitter inside opaque finishes is not paying off (like the gold one from Hawaii collection)...


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