Monday, 24 October 2016

Formula X Divine Stardust

Hey Dolls!

I have three polishes from the Formula X Divine Stardust Collection at Sephora.  These polishes are glittery holo at it's best!  The formula's were fine, I needed two (pretty) thick coats to cover my nail line.  The holo was really hard to capture with my light box, just know that you will be blown away by the holo if you are able to pick one of these up at Sephora!

 Hera is a rose-pink glitter holo.  How stunning is this polish!?

I wish I could capture just how amazing the holo really is, these photo's really don't do it justice.

Taken with my Iphone in natural light.

Aphrodite is a purpley grey glitter holo.  

Taken with my Iphone in natural light.  You can see the holo goodness here!

Artemis is a silvery-champagne-gold glitter holo.

There were on sale at my local Sephora right now (Canada).  I'm sure they will be gone fast!  Be sure to go in quickly if any of this Collection catches your eye!

Have a great day loves!

Anne xo


  1. Some gorgeous holos they are!

  2. Can I just say Wow, these polishes look amazing. However sentences like 'my local Sephora' make me a little sad inside as I don't even live in a county with one. You captured the holo magnificence perfectly. I now need all these shades.
    Vicky xx


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