Saturday 19 November 2016

OPI Breakfast at Tiffany's Holiday 2016 Swatches and Review


Hello Dolls!

I have the new OPI Breakfast at Tiffany's Holiday 2016 Collection to share with you today!  There are 12 fabulous new polishes in the regular formula and also 6 new polishes in the Infinite Shine formula.  I love Audrey Hepburn so much but I'm ashamed to admit that I have never seen the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's.  It's on my 'to watch' list, but I just never seem to get around to it.

I Believe in Manicures is a stunning 'Tiffany' blue cream with a fabulous formula.  I used two easy coats to get perfect coverage.

Champagne for Breakfast is a holo glitter topper.  This is the one I was the most excited for!  You can layer this over any polish for that gorgeous speckled holo look!  This one is meant to be a topper to go over other polishes, but I wanted to show you what it looks like on it's own.  I needed 4 coats to get this amount of coverage.

 This is one coat of Champagne for Breakfast over I Believe in Manicures.

 This ethereal beauty is called Breakfast at Tiffany's.  It's the loveliest pale pink with the perfect amount of fine gold shimmer.  I love how sweet and playful this one is.  The formula is perfect, I used 2 easy coats for my swatch.  It dries to a satin finish, so you'll want to add top coat.

Five-and-Ten is a fabulous silvery-rose-gold polish that is packed with pink silver and gold metallic flakes and specks.  Phew!  That was hard to describe!  In the last year, I have fallen in love with metallic's so it's no surprise that I am lovin this one!  The formula is a little sheer, so I used 3 coats.

Black Dress Not Optional is a jet black cream with beautiful silver shimmer.  The formula was great and easy to work with, but there were quite a few brush strokes, so just be careful when applying.

Apartment for Two is a bright pink cream.  I love waering pinks like this for a bright pop of color!  I also love that they added this into the Holiday Collection!  I think pink can be worn anytime of the year.  This pink is super pigmented and easy to work with, I used 2 coats for my swatch.

Meet My "Decorator" is a hot orange leaning red, and it's also my fave of this collection!  I just love this shade and I have nothing quite like it in my collection.  The formula is perfect, 2 easy coats and it dries super shiny.

Rich & Brazilian is a fabulous eggplant purple jelly with duochrome shimmer flecks that shift from purple to gold.  The formula is great, 2 coats.

Got the Mean Reds is a fire engine red cream.  This is 'one coat perfection'.  Enough said!

Fire Escape Rendezvous is a shimmer red with small red glitters and red shard glitters.  This swatch is without top coat.  The shards are quite big so it leaves a bumpy effect.  It dries to a satin-matte finish.

Here is Fire Escape Rendezvous with top coat.

Sunrise...Bedtime! is a pink version of Champagne for Breakfast.  It is a holo glitter topper.  I used 4 coats for this swatch.

Can't Read Without My Lipstick is a super deep, almost burgundy red.  The formula is great on this one, I used 2 coats.

Now for the 6 Infinite Shines!

I Believe In Manicures is the one polish that is in both the regular and the Infnite Shine formula.  They are very close to the same shade, but they are not exact.  The Infinite Shine formula is a little paler.  The formula was also a tiny bit thick, not difficult to work with, just thick.

Girls Love Pearls is a beautiful soft white with a pearl finish.  Major brush strokes on this baby!  Great formula, 2 easy coats.

I'll Have a Manhattan is a deep purple cream.  The formula is super pigmented, I used 2 coats for full opacity.

Can't Tame a Wild Thing is a hot orange leaning red with a jelly finish.  I built it up a bit and used 3 coats, you can still see my nail line.

Ring the Buzzer Again is a rich red with a slight jelly finish.  I used 2 coats and you can definitely still see nail line.

Party at Holly's is a vampy burgundy crelly.  This builds up nicely in 2 coats.

What do you think of the OPI Breakfast at Tiffany's Holiday 2016 Collection?  I am in love with it!  OPI's Holiday Collections are one of my favorites because I know there is going to be some glittery goodness and also some classic creams.

This limited edition OPI Breakfast at Tiffany's Holiday 2016 Collection will be available at Professional Salons and Beauty Brands such as Chatters, and Ulta.

Have a great day my lovelies!

Anne xo


  1. Some lovely shades in this collection.

  2. AUDREY Hepburn, not Katherine!

    1. Oh my goodness, that is of course who I meant! Haha. Thank you, just corrected it!

  3. I love them all... almost all) Your swatches are the most beautiful I've seen ��

  4. Oh wow, these swatches are gorgeous & I'm loving this collection so much.
    Vicky xx


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