Monday, 20 March 2017

Zoya Charming Collection Spring 2017


Hey Dolls!

I have the new Zoya Charming Collection for Spring 2017 to show you today!  This six-piece collection is so sweet and perfect for the Springtime.  There are three creams and three microshimmers in this collection.  Zoya's are fool-proof in my book, the formulas never disappoint!

Tina is a playful purple that has a bright-yet-soft look on the nails.  I love shades like this, they are bright and a nice pop of color, but not all up in ya face!  I used two easy-peasy perfect coats for my swatch.  I also wore this beauty to work for 5 days and had no chips whatsoever!

Abby is a pastel lavender cream that I adore!  Isn't this such a sweet color for Spring?  Again, two perfect coats.

Jordan is a bright, pastel pink cream.  The formula was really good, especially for such a light pink.  I used two coats for my swatch.

Amira is dusty light blue that is filled with beautiful gold shimmer. I used two coats, and I applied them quite thick.  I love this one, I have nothing like it in my polish collection!

Lacey is a pastel green with loads of lovely, gold shimmer.  The formula is easy to work with, just load up your brush and do two coats!

Millie is an amethyst purple with fuchsia and blue shimmer throughout.  Another one with a great formula, two easy coats.

What do you guys think of the Charming Collection for Spring 2017?

You can purchase Zoya polishes on their website at  They are $10.00 each.

Have a great day loves!

Anne xo


  1. Some nice colors for Spring.

  2. Absolutely lovely swatches! Even though I'm not particularly in the mood to buy polish (how weird is that!!!), I am loving the majority of these polishes in this collection. So pretty!


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