Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Nails Inc Holler-Graphic Duo, Swatches and Review

Hey Dolls!

When I was in Hawaii in November, I popped into Sephora and picked out my first Nails Inc polishes!  It was a duo pack called Holler-Graphic and they are gorgeous!

Rocket Fuel is a beautiful silver holo.  The formula is insanely awesome, two buttery-smooth coats and that rainbow shows up right away!  I love the Nails Inc brush, it is nice and wide (but not too wide) and has a perfectly rounded edge that fits my cuticles nicely.

Ghetto Galactic is a sweet pink holo.  Another perfect formula, the polish glides on smoothly and evenly covers in two coats.

If all Nails Inc polishes are like these ones, sign me up! I'm loving the formulas, the brushes and the gorgeous polish.

Have a great day lovelies!

Anne xo


  1. What about removal? Are they difficult to get off?

    1. Super easy to remove. The holo bits are so fine that they just slide right off!

  2. These are both gorgeous! I picked this set up last month :-D

    1. Aren’t they so pretty!! I’m so glad I found them. I usually don’t even look at the polishes when I go to Sephora!!


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