Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Blue and Coral Drip Marble Mani

 Hiya Dolls!

I couldn't wait to do another Drip Marble Manicure! 

My pinkie finger is Sally Hansen Swim Upstream, my ring finger is Sally Hansen After Altar.  I used those polishes and Sally Hansen Arm Candy, One in a Melon and Glam Polish Once Upon a Dream.

Drip Marble Manicure

To create a Drip Marble Manicure, you need a few polishes (I usually choose 4-5) and a piece of plastic to drop the polishes onto.  You put little drops of each polish onto the plastic and then pick it up and move it from side to side so the polishes all swirl together.  I keep turning the polishes until I see a design that I like.  Let it dry for 6 hours or so and then peel the design off the plastic.  I put a base coat on my nail and then while it is still wet I place the design on my nail and squish it down!

Have a great day lovelies!

Anne xo

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