Monday, 26 November 2018

Zoya Holiday Quads, 2018


Hello Lovelies!

I have four fun Zoya Holiday Quads to share with you today.  Each set has four gorgeous polishes.

First up is Holo-Days, two rich creams and two beautiful holo polishes.

Dream is a stunning royal blue with holo flecks.  It's a perfect blue holo to wear for the Winter Holidays.  Two easy coats for perfect opacity.

Zoya Dream

Payton, a fabulous eggplant purple with holo flecks.  I live for polishes like this beauty!  Two perfect coats.

Zoya Payton

Lael, a rich eggplant purple cream.  This polish is super saturated, almost a one coater, but I ended up doing two for my photo.

Zoya Lael

Ryan is a chic navy cream with a great formula.  Two coats.

Zoya Ryna

The next quad set is called All Snuggled Up.  It's full of romantic cozy mauves and a sweet shimmer.

Mia is a beautiful nudey/pink/mauve cream.  You know I am all over this shade!  I used two coats for my swatch.

Zoya Mia

Madeline is a medium, dusty mauve cream.  Two easy coats.

Zoya Madeline

Joni is a deep dusty plum cream.  Joni is one of my fave Zoya polishes ever!  She's such a beauty.

Zoya Joni

Shimmer is a delicate sheer pink with sweet white and gold shimmery flecks sprinkled in.  Three coats.

Zoya Shimmer

The Merry Bright collection has four pinky-red shades, two of which are creams and two shimmers.

Marigold is an orange-leaning red with lovely gold shimmer.  Two coats.

Zoya Marigold

Carmen is a bright, true red with a crelly formula.  I used two coats for my photo.

Zoya Carmen

Mandy is a berry pink with the most gorgeous fuchsia shimmer.  Two coats.

Zoya Mandy

Ellie is described as a raspberry sorbet cream.  This beauty is super bright and saturated.  Two coats.

Zoya Ellie

All Wrapped Up is a quad of stunning rich burgundies.  Two creams and two shimmers.

Vanessa is a deep raspberry cream with red undertones.  

Sam is a dark red cream with brown undertones.  I could have done with a third coat of Sam, but to my naked eye (not under the bright lights and macro lens of my camera!) it looked totally opaque.

Zoya Sam

Of course, Jem is one of my faves out of all of these polishes.  A rich dark purple with gorgeous pink and gold shimmery flecks.  I just can't get enough of deep shades like this with all that fabulous shimmer  Such a beauty.

Zoya Jem

Ash is a deep raspberry red with pink and gold shimmer.  Two easy coats.

Zoya Ash

Which set is your fave?

You can purchase these Zoya Holiday Quads on their website here.

Have a great day loves!

Anne xo

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