Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Zoya Sensual Collection, Fall 2019


Hiya Dolls!

I have the gorgeous new Sensual Collection by Zoya for Fall 2019.  This collection has me so excited for Autumn.  It's a great mixture of classic Fall shades with a few fabulous shimmers thrown in.

All the polishes were 2 easy coats which we all have come to love and expect from Zoya!

First up is Joss, a romantic rosy nude.  You know I am all about shades like this, so classy.

Zoya Joss, Sensual Collection Fall 2019

Kinsley is a decadent caramel cream.  I liked this nude with my skin tone!

Zoya Kinsley, Sensual Collection Fall 2019

Foster is a gorgeous hot chocolate cream with pink undertones.  I will totally be rocking this shade this Fall!

Zoya Foster, Sensual Collection Fall 2019

Briar is described as a red toned terracotta cream.  This one dries darker than what shows in the bottle.  Love this one so much.

Zoya Briar, Sensual Collection Fall 2019

Margaret is described as a vivid auburn red cream.  This is my kinda red!

Zoya Margaret, Sensual Collection Fall 2019

Rashida is a ruby red with fabulous shimmer running throughout.  This beauty glows on your nail!

Zoya Rashida, Sensual Collection Fall 2019

Etta is described as a vampy cabernet with violet micro pearl.  I feel like everyone will love Etta!

Zoya Etta, Sensual Collection Fall 2019

Ripley is a rich boysenberry cream.  I love how bright this beauty is!

Zoya Ripley, Sensual Collection Fall 2019

Michaela is a dusty purple with taupe undertones.  I love dusty purples in the Fall and Winter.

Zoya Michaela, Sensual Collection Fall 2019

Vesper is a dusty grey-violet.  I absolutely love Vesper, I quickly checked my collection and I do not own a dupe!

Zoya Vesper, Sensual Collection Fall 2019

Elliot is described as a blackened peacock blue cream.  That is such a great description for this rich blue hue.

Zoya Elliot, Sensual Collection Fall 2019

Ashton is a black tourmaline with a scattered silver fleck.

Zoya Ashton, Sensual Collection Fall 2019

The Zoya Sensual Collection is available now on the Zoya website.

What do you guys think of this Fall Collection?

Have a great day loves!

Anne xo

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  1. Such a lovely selection of shades for this Fall collection from Zoya.



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