Friday 27 March 2020

Sally Hansen Drip Marble


Hello Loves!

I have a Sally Hansen Drip Marble to share with you.  I made this Drip Marble in the morning yesterday and it was dry and ready to use after about 4 hours.

I used all Sally Hansen polishes for this Drip Marble.  My pointer finger is Freesia Fancy and my pinkie nail is Blacky-O.  For the drip marble I used those two polishes as well as Terra-Coppa, Five Golden Blings and Ivory Skull.  Of course, I added some gold flakes to finish off the look.

Sally Hansen Drip Marble

If you want to know how I make my Drip Marble Manis, check out my post here.

Have a great day loves and stay safe,

Anne xo


  1. These drip marble nails are just perfect! :) I recreated them and just postet the design on my blog. ;-)


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