Wednesday, 16 June 2021

Whats Up Nail Polish, Desert Monsoon Swatches

pr samples

I shared a Drip Mani using the new Whats Up Nails regular nail polish Desert Monsoon Collection and today I'm showing you all of the polishes individually.  These are so pretty up close and personal!

The formula on these beauties are incredible!  I used 2 coats for the shimmer/glitters and only 1 coat for the creams!

First up is Desert Rose, a sweet pale pink with lovely gold shimmer.  I used 2 coats. 

Whats Up Nails Desert Monsoon

Tempest is a lovely dusty purpley-pink.  I love how this is bright and subdued at the same time.  One coat!

Whats Up Nails Desert Monsoon

Joshua Tree is a beautiful taupe cream.  I can't get over these being only 1 coat.

Whats Up Nails Desert Monsoon

Sun was a surprise favourite of mine!  She's a stunning gold flecked polish that just look like gold flakes are dripping from your nails.

Whats Up Nails Desert Monsoon

Succulent is a fun iris purple with gorgeous holo shimmery flecks.  I love this one so much.

Whats Up Nails Desert Monsoon

Last but not least we have Downpour, a gorgeous blue to purple duochrome with fabulous shimmer flecks.

Whats Up Nails Desert Monsoon

You can purchase Whats Up Nail Polish on their website here.

Have a great day loves!

Anne xo

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