Friday, 16 December 2011

Glitter in my veins badge!

I got this fun glitter badge award from Sarah of See Sarah Swatch   Thanks girlie!
She was awarded it from Amanda of Amandalandish who started the badge award. Such a fun idea.
So here is a franken I made using some Revlon glitter (limited edition) and I threw in a whole mix-o-stuff,  I still think it needs some chunkier glitter.

So now I'm tagging 4 'glitterati' peeps:


  1. I love this franken!!! It's like a cross between Revlon Fierce and OPI DS Extravagance. Keep these frankens coming :)

  2. That is a super gorgeous Franken!! I really love your swatches they are all very lovely! You got yourself a new follower :) keep it up girly!!

  3. I LOVE this!! what a great franken! i agree, keep them coming:]

  4. You are so cool! I can't wait to see what your nails will look when you come over. ;)

  5. Amazing franken! I cannot resist a good glitter. And thanks so much for the nod! :) How coincidental that I originally was popping in to tell you I am giving you the Liebster Blog Award! Seriously, great minds think alike I guess haha. I'm doing a post on the award so check it out if you like.


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