Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Twinsie Tuesday Franken

Twinsie Tuesday again! 

This week's swatch is a franken.  Can't wait to see what the other girls do, I'm guessing there might not be any 'twins' today as frankening is so unique.

I mixed only 2 polishes for my mani.  I used Ulta Grin and Berry It and WnW Give Me a Price Quote (both from Nory, thanks Doll!)

Here it is:

Welcome to our 2 new ladies Anna and ChiChi :)

Check out what the other Twinsie Tuesday Ladies came up with :

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  1. gorgeous!! love that glitter in it so much. and it looks so juicy!

  2. I love it!!! One of my favorite colors with lots of sparkle ;0). Beautiful.

  3. Gorgeous!! :D I used up my Price Quote for frankens too!! :D

  4. This franken is gorgeous! I love the bar glitter in it.

  5. I need bar glitter polishes! This is gorgeous!

  6. This is so pretty! I love the hairy glitters from wNw!!

  7. Thanks! (= I feel super lucky to be apart of Twinsie Tuesday! Btw, this is super super pretty! Im not that into bar glitter but this one is gorgeous!

  8. I love the red of this and this is actually the first time I've ever liked bar glitter! Awesome franken :)

  9. This looks amazing! Beautiful franken :D

  10. I love it! The bar glitter is both unexpected and very pretty!

  11. Ohhhh... I like this! I have Give Me a Price Quote, and I just can't make myself like it. Yesterday I was messing around with my swatchcicles and had a green one near GMaPQ... and, AHA!... that's what Idon't like about it... It has a green undertone to it. I love the way your franken tames that. The result is just beautiful!

  12. I really love this. The two polishes look like they were meant for each other!! :)

  13. so gorgeous! I love the depth it gives.


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