Friday, 20 July 2012

Where Is The Party?

It's Friday ya'll and I'm looking forward to a beach day today!  But before I go, here is a swatch of Essence Where Is The Party?

WITP is a purple to green duochrome.  As soon as I saw this in the store, I HAD to grab it.  Lucky, cuz it was the last one on the shelf.  Are ALL Essence displays completely picked through everytime you see one or is it just mine? 

This polish had so many different looks, no 2 lighting situations were the same.  Sometimes this polish looked all purple, sometimes greyish, sometimes green.  It has a frosty feel to it, so it was a bit streaky.


  1. Very cool duochrome! Reminds me of Orly Space Cadet.

  2. This is stunning. I love duochrome polishes, lol.

  3. Beautiful! Have fun at the beach!

  4. Love the colors in this one! It's super pretty.

  5. What a cool color! It looks very nice on you.


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