Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Twinsie Tuesday Glassfleck

Happy Tuesday everyone!  That means it's time for another Twinsie post.

It's glassfleck time.  I love me some glassflecks :)

This is Number One Nemesis by OPI, sent to me by the lovely Nory.  NON is one of those fabulous polishes that looks different in every light.  I couldn't capture the beautiful BLUE flecks that are so unexpected in this polish., but they ARE there, and they are fabulous.

Welcome welcome to our newest member Elizabeth!  So excited to have you as a Twinsie :)

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  1. Thank you so much for the welcome! Wow, NON has so much more depth of colour than I originally thought--and I had no idea there was blue in there too! Heh, just when I'd convinced myself I didn't need it... ;)

    BTW, can I just tell you how much I love your nails? The shape and length are such a pretty match for your nail beds. ^_^

  2. So pretty! Love the little blue flecks in there, I could see a few hints of them =)

  3. Your polish is always so perfectly painted. It's flawless. I envy you!! ;) Love this color too.

  4. Love this one you Anne! You could basically convince me I need any polish by wearing it on your beautiful nails :)

  5. Very pretty shade was the only one I got from the collection :)

  6. This is so beautiful! I have yet to pick this one up, but that needs to change.

  7. Oh wow, you captured every beautiful angle of this baby!

  8. This is really a gorgeous polish!

  9. I love how gorgeous this is!!! :D

  10. Beautiful! Love glass flecks and the way light reflects off them!

  11. I love me a glass fleck! Number One Nemesis is gorgeous, I was wanting Chanel Graphite for so long, so I was excited to get this one; I feel like it's a bit more green than I remember Graphite swatching, but it's close enough for me :)

  12. I love this polish! It has so much depth!


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