Saturday, 1 September 2012

PCOS Awareness Month

Hello friends
My lovely polish friend Nory has organized today's posts to bring awareness to PCOS.  PCOS is short for Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome.  PCOS is one of the most common female endocrine disorders. 
I suffer from PCOS.  I was diagnosed 12 years ago after displaying a few key symptoms.  There are some pretty hard to deal with symptoms of PCOS:
-significant weight gain
-facial hair increase
-loss of hair on head
-blood sugar problems
-insulin intolerance
-ovarian cysts
-excessive blood loss
-irregular or extreme periods
-anxiety and/or depression

Nory has put together a few links for more information on PCOS: - Support System to help women with PCOS


  1. Very cute mani and thank you for sharing your experience.

  2. What a beautiful mani! I'm sad to know that you also suffer from PCOS and hope that you're feeling well!

  3. OMG this mani is too cute! I know how difficult dealing with this syndrome is as do you and I wish I could hug you! Your support means a lot to me! <3 Love ya girly!

  4. Ack! PCOS sounds scary! I've been having irregular periods and coughcough didn't go have all the tests run my doctor wanted me to coughcough... I guess I should get on that! Thanks for the public service announcement. And also for the pretty nail pictures!

  5. What a beautiful polish! I love that pretty shimmer. All my best to you, Nory, and everyone who struggles with PCOS!

  6. Gorgeous! Heartbreaker is my favorite Pure Ice polish ever =) I am glad everyone is doing PCOS awareness, I have a mild case myself and it is more common than people think!

  7. Great color and it's so nice to see you all spread awareness for this cause!

  8. Wow, I had never heard of PCOS. I hope you're well, your nails are super gorgeous and it's great that you can share the experience with us :) x

  9. I too suffer from PCOS. this is a gorgeous color and I am so happy and in awe of you guys spreading the Awareness!!


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