Monday, 29 October 2012

Sparitual, Conglomerate Glitter

I bought my very first Sparitual polish while visiting one of my besties in Whistler, BC.  I was going there for a visit and a haircut (she's a hairdresser and esthetician) and they sell Sapritual's at her salon. 
I chose Conglomerate Glitter from the Fall 2012 Rock Collection.  It is sooo gorgeous, and a perfect Fall color.
 The base is a browny green with lots of pretty gold shimmer and flecks, and then some round black and white/silver glitter mixed in.

I used 2 coats and wished I would have done 3, as there were a few bald spots.  I wore this for 3 days and there were no chips at all!


  1. Beautiful polish! I don't have any SpaRitual polishes, but I've got my eye on some. Hope you had a great time in Whistler, I love it there! :)

  2. Wow, I've never seen this SpaRitual color! It's really gorgeous!

  3. Wow I need to see if I can get my hands on this!

  4. OH WOW!!! I need this. For realises.

    I have not jumped on the Sparitual wagon yet. Why not???

  5. This is a really neat color, so unique!


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