Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year, Twinsie Tuesday

Happy New Year everybody!
I hope you all had a great New Years Eve!  I'm ringing in the New Year in my jammie's with the hubs and my little girlies!
Marry A Millionaire looked like a fun New Years mani to me!  Lots and lots of fun sparkly glitter in here!  For the first time I wore 'underwear' under my glitter!  My pinky nail is bare, but the other 3 I tried a nude 'underwear' and I really love the effect!  I might be crazy, but I see a difference!
So excited to see what my other Twinsie's wore for New Years Eve!
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  1. Awesome choice for New Year's, Anne! I love the colour and the sparkle, and you're not crazy--the nude undies make a real difference! :D

  2. This is perfect for New Years! I had this polish in my collection for about a year and never used it - so I sold it, but now I secretly want it back :)

  3. Gorgeous!! Happy New Year honey!!

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  5. Love this! So sparkly and gorgeous!

  6. I totally see the difference! I love the idea of nude underwear! I always try to match the polish to the glitter, but this is so smart!

  7. So pretty! Happy New Year!

  8. This is such a fun, festive polish. Perfect choice! :)

  9. very awesome choice for a New Year manicure!

  10. This is gorgeous! I absolutely love this for new years!

  11. This is such an awesome pick for New Years!!


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