Wednesday, 8 July 2015

China Glaze That's Shore Bright

Hiya Dolls!

My Sally's finally had That's Shore Bright in stock!  I have been wanting this beauty for so long.

The formula was really hard to work with unfortunately.  It definitely had that classic 'neon' formula, streaky and dries matte.  I needed 3 coats and everything looked better once I put my topcoat on.  The other downside to this polish was it chipped.  Like BAD chipped, every single nail. 

Even though this was hard to work with and only lasted 2 days on the nails before it chipped, the color is just sooo amazing that I will totally wear this again and again!


  1. I really love the colour. It's such a shame it chipped so badly but at least you like it enough to want to wear it again!

  2. so pretty color! I love your nails!

  3. Your mani is so gorgeous! Totally worth the neon horrors!

  4. What a gorgeous shade! I can see why you wanted it :)

  5. Bought this a few months ago but have only used it for nail art. Now I'll be extra careful during application.

  6. Oh wow. This color ist gorgeous!Your nails too.


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