Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Joe Fresh Polishes

Hey Dolls!

I have three Joe Fresh polishes to show you today.  Joe Fresh polishes are available in Canada, I'm not sure if you can order online?  I find them in my local supermarket.

This lovely soft blue is called Powder Blue.  There's definitely a hint of lavender here, it's a really close dupe to OPI To Be Continued... 

 Fig is a perfect purple for Fall.  The formula was awesome, almost a one-coater!

Mauve is a gorgeous dusty mauve (surprise surprise!).  I remember watching the movie Cinderella when I was little and loving the Stepmother's nail polish color!  I feel like it was really similar to Joe Fresh Mauve.  See, I've always been obsessed with nail polish! Ha.

Have a great day loves!

Anne xo


  1. I believe Joe Fresh is a Loblaws brand (for non-Canadians, Loblaws is a giant supermarket with numerous subsidiaries in Canada; most well-known for the President's Choice brand).

    Anne, what is the formula like on Powder Blue? I need a good pale blue creme! If it's not a dreamy formula, do you have a go-to for a pale blue creme?

    1. That's great to know! Are you able to purchase Joe Fresh where you live? Formula was good, no issues, just needed two coats!

  2. To say beautiful is to say nothing!!! Mesmerizing ! And you perfectly nailed it! I have very similar grape manicure at one of the professional nail salons in Ibiza . I liked it so much!


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