Wednesday 2 September 2015

OPI Venice Collection for Fall/Winter 2015, Swatches and Review


Hey Dolls!

I have been so excited about the new OPI Venice Collection!  Venice is one of the top places on my travel list to visit.  It just looks so beautiful, dreamy and romantic, and that is exactly what they captured in the fifteen shades of this collection!  

Twelve of the fifteen shades are going right into the core OPI Collection.  There are only three limited edition shades that you might want to grab before they are gone (if you fancy them of course).   Most of the shades are very Fall and Winter appropriate, but there are two wild cards that I absolutely LOVE.  While they may not 'fit' in with a Fall and Winter collection, they are absolutely stunning colors that I think will be fan favorites.  I'm sure you will be able to pick them out of the bunch!

I Cannoli Wear OPI is the palest gray creme.  The slight hint of gray helps this 'almost white' polish to not look stark.  It is very soft and romantic!  It reminded me a lot of my favorite OPI white polish which is My Boyfriend Scales Walls, but when I compared the two, I Cannoli Wear OPI is one shade darker than MBSW,  I needed three thin coats for my swatch.

Be There in a Prosecco is a lovely opaque creme nude, inspired by the Italian sparkling wine.  The formula was fantastic, two easy coats was all I needed.  I have never drank Prosecco before, have you?

It's a Piazza Cake is a stunning persimmon creme.  This is such a rich, beautiful shade and I have nothing like this in my collection!  I don't gravitate to colors like this but after swatching this beauty, I know I will be wearing this a lot this Fall.  This was my husbands fave of the whole collection!  Formula was great, two easy coats.

Gelato on My Mind is described by OPI a sweet icy-cool, pastel blue.  Gahhhh, this shade is so so pretty!  This gorgeous mint blue is of course inspired by Italian gelato.  I tried gelato for the first time this Summer and loved it!  Yum yum.  The formula was fine, just a little watery so I needed three coats to even out some streaks.

Tiramisu for Two is a pale coffee cream.  This is how I like to drink my coffee, with lots of cream!  This is a great nude shade that I think goes great with my skin tone.  Formula was great, two easy coats.

A Great Opera-tunity is a sweet melon creme.  Another dreamy pastel shade in the collection.  The formula was great, no complaints here, two easy coats.

O Suzi Mio is a delicious shade of eggplant purple.  Isn't she a beauty, so rich and decadent!  This color is very pigmented but I still needed two coats just to even everything out.

Worth a Pretty Penne is a fabulous copper shade with loads of shimmer.  The formula was great, super pigmented and I used two coats for my swatch.  

Amore at the Grand Canal is a romantic deep red with a hint of burgundy.  I used two medium coats.

Gimme a Lido Kiss is a saucy red shimmer polish, and it wins 'best name' for me!  I'm going to say this to my husband from now on!  The shimmer in here is so gorgeous, it just dances around in there on your nails!  Formula was fine and pigmented, a little bit watery, so you need to make sure you are careful while applying so it doesn't flood your cuticles.  Speaking from experience here folks!

My Gondola or Yours? is a luscious black that has a tiny bit of blue and purple shimmer in the bottle, but doesn't really translate to the nails.  If you look closely in direct sunlight you can see it, but indoors it just looks black.  Formula was fine, a little watery so you have to be careful of your cuticles.

The last of the twelve core collection is Purple Palazzo Pants and she is a lovely soft yet still bright lilac.  The formula was ok, but I did use three thin coats for perfect opacity.  I love this shade so much, this is totally my color of polish!  I checked Purple Palazzo Pants with my Maybelline Lust for Lilac and they are pretty similar.

The next three shades are the Limited Edition polishes in the Collection.

Venice the Party? is a fabulous aquamarine shimmer.  The finish is a little streaky like most pearls,  but that shimmer in there is so worth it!  The formula was fine, a little runny so watch for pooling.

St. Mark's the Spot, how stunning is this royal blue with a pearl finish?  This rich shade with all that shimmer is to die for!  This is so pigmented, I almost got away with one coat!

Baroque...But Still Shopping! is a fun silvery gold with hex and square glitters.  This polish is super pigmented, I almost got away with one coat, but ended up doing two to get a few more of the glitters on my nails.  I put two thick coats of top coat on and it still looks bumpy in the photo.  It was smooth to the touch, so I feel like it would look bumpy no matter how many coats of top coat I used.

So what do you think of these fifteen polishes in this collection?  Will you be picking any or all of them up?  Which are your favorites?  Check out OPI for more info.


  1. All of the colors look really nice. Your swatches makes anything look good.

  2. I love all colors!!! Amazing shades.


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