Thursday, 8 September 2016

New Sally Hansen Color Therapy Collection 2016


Hiya Dolls!

I have twelve new Sally Hansen Color Therapy polishes to show you today!  The Color Therapy line has 33 new shades in a new formula.  The formula has a blend of natural oils (argan, acai and evening primrose) to add moisture to dry, weak nails.  These polishes are designed to wear without a base coat so that the oils contact the bare nail.  There is a top coat that delivers a high shine and also a cuticle oil that smells sooo amazing and nourishes your dry cuticles.  The formula boasts up to 10 days of wear.

Chai on Life is the dreamiest nude cream.  The formula is absolutely perfect, I used two easy coats for perfect opacity.

Rosy Quartz is the sheerest light pink.  It's one of those 'barely there' polishes that give your nails a beautiful shine with a hint of pink.

Steely Serene is taupe grey with a hint of mauve.  The formula was a little watery so I needed three coats, but it's still very easy to work with.

Therapewter is a pewter grey base with gold and silver shimmer flecks.  I needed three coats to get full opacity.

Powder Room is a warm, rosy-silver metallic.  The formula is perfect, no dragging or streaking at all which can often happen with metallics. Two easy coats.

Blushed Petal is a sheer peachy mauve with a jelly finish.  I used three coats to build up a little bit of opacity.

 Couples Massage is a sheer, peachy pink with a faint silver shimmer running throughout.  The formula was a bit runny, I used three coats for my swatch.

Pampered in Pink is a juicy, watermelon pink.  The formula is amazing, it is extremely saturated.  I still used two coats to get the full brightness of color.

Ohm My Magenta is a rich, red plum shade.  This one turned out to be my fave of the twelve polishes!  The color is super saturated, I used two easy coats.

 Haute Springs is a deep burnt red cream.  This one is super saturated, I thought it was a one coater, but to get the full depth of color, you'll want to do two coats.  I left my pointer finger with just one coat and you can see it's a fair bit lighter than the rest.

Indiglow is a stunning purple with an electric blue flash.  It;s smooth and buttery, two coats is all you'll need.

Soothing Sapphire is a navy blue with blue shimmer.  Again, a super easy to work with formula, two coats.

Cool Cucumber is a deep green cream.  I thought this was a funny name for a deep green polish at first.  When I think of cucumbers, I think of a soft spa green, but this is totally the color of the skin of the cucumbers that are growing in my garden!  The color is very saturated, be careful around your cuticles!

Slicks and Stones is a purple base with the most gorgeous shimmer that flashes from dark purple to pink to gold.  You can easily get away with one coat for this one (I used two for my picture but it is super pigmented).

The Sally Hansen Color Therapy line is available in Canada now at select retailers.  The suggested retail price is $11.95.

What do you lovelies think of this new line?

Have a great day!

Anne xo


  1. Wow! Those darker colors were like POW after all the neutrals etc...

    Great swatches and pictures....I will be on the lookout for these for sure!!!

  2. Hi, GrapeFizz. Your nail designs are gorgeous. Today I recreated one of your looks (pink and gray with gold - OPI polish) and am loving it.
    One of the many things that strikes me about your designs is now perfect your polish looks up by your cuticles. Whatever your polish application/clean up technique is, it is fantastic.
    I try so hard to do as good a job, but inevitably I have some shrinkage issues and they simply do not look as sharp as I'd like them to. When I do my manicure I start with clean, dry nails (no oils), apply a base coat, 2-3 coats of polish, and then inm Out the Door as a top coat. I then use pure acetone and an angled nail art brush to do my clean up. I get them looking really nice and neat, but as time passes and the fast dry top coat does its job, I always get shrinkage.
    I have tried no less than 4 fast dry top coats to try to combat this problem, but I haven't found one that works to completely eliminate it. Do you have any tips that I could try?
    I apologize if this has been addressed before.
    Thank you and have a good weekend. :)

  3. Wow, this collection is full of stunning colours. As I kept scrolling through the post I had more and more I wanted to pick up. Your swatches are flawless.
    Vicky xx

  4. These colors are so pretty! There are several that I would love to have but I'm curious to see what the US price is. If it's around $10 US then I will pass. I think Sally Hansen has been getting too pricey. Is the brush the same nice wide one? I'm one of the few who love it because it fits my nail bed so well!

    1. Robin, these go for under $7 US at Wal-Mart. I hope this helps.



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