Saturday, 3 September 2016

Zoya Urban Grunge Fall/Winter 2016 Creams


Hey Dolls!

I have the second half of the Zoya Urban Grunge Collection for Fall/Winter 2016 to share with you today.  There are 6 gorgeous, buttery creams in this half of the collection.

First up is August, a lovely dove-grey.  The formula was so perfect, two smooth coats.  I'm going to repeat myself a lot in this post because the formula's are all amazing!  

Noah is a beautiful taupe that leans a little grey on me.  Again, the formula is perfection, two easy coats.


Tara is a rich purple plum cream.  Tara is my favorite of the collection, I will be wearing this one a lot this Fall!  She has a great formula, I used two coats for full opacity.

Wyatt is a described as a 'true racing green'.  I used two easy coats for my swatches.  I'm sure the green polish lovers will enjoy this one!  Green polishes are not my favorite, they just don't float my boat.

Courtney is a beetroot red with a slight jelly finish.  This is the only one that I needed 3 coats of to get the opacity that I like.  The formula is super easy to work with.

 Mallory is described as a bright "Prussian blue" and that makes me love it even more!  Formula is fantastic, two smooth coats.  Make sure you double up that base coat for staining protection!

What do you think of these creams?  Which one is your fave?

Both collections are available now online, check out Zoya to order.


  1. Beautiful swatches and photos!

  2. Great swatches as always!!! August is gorgeous on you!

  3. These creme polishes look perfect for fall and winter.

  4. Wow Tara is stunning! I love it so much. These are so juicy and shiny, your swatches are actually making me hungry :)
    Vicky xx


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