Monday, 19 February 2018

Zoya Bridal Bliss Collection 2018


Hey Lovelies!

I have the gorgeous Zoya Bridal Bliss Collection for Spring 2018 to show you today.  This collection is so lovely and timeless.  There are lots of shades that are perfect for Spring!  There is only one new polish in this collection, the rest are from Zoya's core line.

First up is Brighton, the new one in this collection and she is a beauty!  Brighton is a beautiful sandy-nude shade that is loaded with holographic flakies.  You all know I love these kind of holo polishes and this one does not disappoint!  I used two coats for my swatches.

Mckenna is a sweet and soft almond nude with a faint white shimmer.  The formula was great, two smooth coats.

Chantal is a lovely, vanilla cream nude.  The formula was a little streaky, I needed 3 coats to even it out.

Loretta is a very sheer, slightly peach leaning jelly.  The formula and application were great, I tried to build it up with 3 coats, but I barely got any actual color on the nail.

Erika is a an ethereal pale pink jelly with the most amazing golden shimmer.  The formula was great, I used 3 thin coats for my swatch.

Bela is a girly, pale pink jelly.  I love polishes that give that gorgeous milky-pink sheer wash of color.  They make your nails look so elegant!  This is great worn alone or as a base for a french manicure.  Great formula, no streaks, 3 coats to build up a bit of color.

Avril is a beautiful, pink leaning nude cream.  These types of pinks are my favorites.  The formula is fantastic, two perfect coats.

Rue is a gorgeous rose blush cream.  Rue is like Avril's older sister, very similar, a bit more mauve and just a little deeper of a shade.  Great formula, two easy coats.

Blu is a soft, romantic blue cream.  The formula was awesome, you can get away with one coat!  If I'm going to be wearing a blue polish, this is the kind I go for.

Abby is a pale lavender cream with a great formula, two easy coats.  I love this one for Spring.

Snow White is a brilliant pure white cream.  The formula was so good (especially for a white), this one is so close to being a one coater!  I used two for my swatch.  This is the perfect white to use for a french manicure, which is how I wore my nails on my wedding day!

Leia is a gorgeous sheer topper with the most amazing pink shimmer.  The shimmer has a slight green shift to it in certain lights.  I layered it over Blu.

You can purchase the Zoya Bridal Bliss Collection on Zoya's website here.  Which ones caught your eye?

Have a great day lovelies!

Anne xo

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