Monday, 13 May 2019

Zoya Barefoot Summer 2019


Hey Dolls!

Who's ready for Summer?  We've had the most amazing weather here in BC the last week and it has gotten me so excited for Summer.

The new Zoya Barefoot Collection has me even more excited for hot weather, beach days, margaritas and hot painted toes!  This 12 piece collection screams Summer and has something for everyone.   Pinks, reds and nudes to bright bold colors and a gorgeous glitter topper.

First up is the beautiful Joey, a warm, light pink cream.  This pink is soft but bright at the same time, I'm so in love!  The formula was a little thin, I needed 3 coats for my swatch.

Zoya Joey Barefoot Summer 2019

 Dacey is a stunning hot pink cream with a fabulous formula.  Two easy coats.

Zoya Dacey Barefoot Summer 2019

Rie is described as a 'cool-toned magnolia purple cream'.  I love this shade of purple for Summer.  Rie has a fab formula, almost a one coater.  I did 2 coats for my picture.

Zoya Rie Barefoot Summer 2019

Eleni is a 'light sea foam blue cream' that I am in love with!  I never used to like blues but I am obsessed with them now!  Especially beauties like Eleni!  I used 2 thick(ish) coats of Eleni for perfect opacity.

Zoya Eleni Barefoot Summer 2019

Walker is an amazing bright ocean blue cream.  I love how bright this is without being too dark, so fun for Summer.  Two easy coats.

Zoya Walker Barefoot Summer 2019

Dallas is a super fun white and silver glitter topper.  I added just one coat of Dallas on my pinkie finger over top of Walker.

Here is Dallas over top of Joey.

Dallas over top of Eleni.

 Bee is a sweet, pale yellow cream with a warm undertone.  I love that Zoya added such a fun color to this collection.  I used 2 coats for my swatches, but my pinkie finger needed 3.  You can get away with 2 coats if you apply a generous amount, it levels perfectly.

Zoya Bee Barefoot Summer 2019

Tessa is a lovely peach cream with gold and coral shimmer running throughout.  I used 3 coats to fully cover my nail line.

Zoya TessaBarefoot Summer 2019

Liza is described as a 'cardinal red cream'.  I knew I would love this color as soon as I saw it in the bottle.  It definitely has some pink in it.  Great formula, almost a one coater.

Zoya Liza Barefoot Summer 2019

Keira is a sandy taupe with pretty copper shimmer running throughout.  It definitely gives you that sandy beach vibe.  I put this on my toes right away and I love how that copper shimmer shines in the sunlight.  I used 2 coats for this swatch.

Zoya Keira Barefoot Summer 2019

Marcy is a fiery hot coral with coral shimmer.  How perfect is this beauty for Summer?  This will be the next one I put on my toes!  I needed 3 coats to cover my nail line.

Zoya Marcy Barefoot Summer 2019

Robbie is my fave of the Barefoot collection!  A stunning raspberry shimmer with gold flakes.  I am so in love with this beautiful polish!  I used 2 easy coats for my swatch.

Zoya Robbie Barefoot Summer 2019

What do you think of the Barefoot collection?  Which one is your favourite?

You can purchase Zoya polishes on their website here.  They retail for $10.00 USD each.

Have a great day loves!

Anne xo

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  1. They have some pretty shades in this Zoya collection, especially Joey and Tessa. Beautiful swatches as always.


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