Sunday, 26 February 2012

french stamp

Hiya friends

Oooh I was so happy to see that I've hit 200 followers!  It' so exciting for me, and I'm glad to know people are enjoying my little blog.  So thanks ya'll.

For this mani I did a purple tip, and stamped my favorite design over the whole nail.  The purple is Joe Violet, the white is SH Whirlwind White, and the plate is M71 I believe.


  1. *GASP!* So pretty!!! :O

  2. This is so pretty and delicate, I love it :-) And congrats on reaching 200 followers!

  3. So delicate! I love the different take on the traditional french :)

  4. I love that! It's so fun and unique, yet light and delicate at the same time. The stamps really give it a cool touch. I love all of the cool designs and colors that you try out! :)

  5. So cool! It looks so wintery and like a sweater:)

  6. It looks like a lace bridal veil. Absolutely stunning!


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