Thursday, 4 April 2013

Orly High On Hope

I was so excited when I saw Orly High on Hope (Spring 2013 Collection) at my local Sally's.  I love almost any polish that has little glass flecky/shimmer.  This chunky shimmer definately is a duochrome, but it only shows up in certain lights.

High On Hope is a chameleon, it looks different in almost every light.  Sometimes it looks like a dusty denim blue, sometimes it looks like a royal blue and then sometimes that flash of shimmer just blows you away! 
I loved HOH so much that I wore it for 5 days, ya that's right, 5 days!

Look at the beautiful color shift in the bottle!


  1. This is such a pretty polish!

  2. This color is so gorgeous! I really need to add more Orly's to my collection.

  3. Five whole days?! Wow, that's some serious polish love, and no surprise--the shimmer is just fabulous!

  4. I think this is such a sexy color!

  5. I bought HOH awhile back but haven't yet used it...must remedy that soon!


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