Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Twinsie Tuesday Textured Nails

Hey Dolls!
I really wish that I had taken a trip to Sally's and picked up a new textured polish for the challenge this week.  Instead, I used what I had on hand, which was Martha Stewarts "Flocking Powder".  I am a scrapbooker, so I had this on hand and decided it was time to try the 'velvet mani' look.
I painted my nails with China Glaze Dance Baby, and while it was still wet, I poured the pink powder over my nail.  At first I was like 'oh heck no', but I gotta say, it really grew on me (for the 10 minutes that I wore it).  At arms length this fuzzy look was kinda cool.  It's when you get close up to it that it starts to look sort of creepy!  Have any of you tried the velvet mani?
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  1. I'm torn between trying this look or not...it looks so cool!

  2. I actually really like this! It is such a pretty pink! I didn't really get too into flocking powder, though. It is neat to wear once or twice, but definitely not practical for every day.

  3. I like the look of flocking powder but I always end up picking at it

  4. Lol at only wearing it for 10 minutes!

  5. I think this looks kind of cool! I'm not sure if I would ever wear something like this though.

  6. I love that you didn't do the texture polish trend! I think I would have done something different as well :)

  7. How fun! I haven't tried this yet, but it looks awesome ! :)

  8. I've never tried a velvet mani. I just can't see myself wearing it. It's a really fun and funky look though.

  9. Super cute! I love that pink!

  10. I love it, reminds me of a Muppet.

  11. I think it looks like fun. :) I absolutely know what you mean by "creepy..." I tried Sally Hansen's Fuzzy Coat in Fuzz-Sea -I was so excited! Then once I had it on my nails, it reminded me of baby maggots! Yuck! {I know, "Thanks for sharing!"}


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