Saturday, 16 November 2013

OPI Just A Little Rosti At This with Excuse Moi! Accent Nail

Hey Dolls!
I may have gone a little crazy when I found OPI's on a MAJOR sale at the mall the other day.  I may or may not have bought 11 of them!  The first 2 I chose to wear are Just A Little Rosti At This which is a lovely maroon red cream, and Excuse Moi! which is a really fun glitter.  Excuse Moi! has small multi colored hex glitter and micro glitter in a pink jelly base.
I did a coat of Excuse Moi! over Just A Little Rosti At This.  I can't wait to try Excuse Moi! on it's own.


  1. You've matched these two up perfectly!

  2. Such a beautiful combo!! You went crazy for OPI huh? Psst.. I would have too, lol.

  3. These look beautiful together!!


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