Monday, 26 May 2014

Joe Fresh Spam

Hello Dolls!
If you've been following my blog or Instagram lately, you'll know that I am loving Joe Fresh polishes.  There are so many reasons why I'm obsessing over this brand.  There are plenty of fabulous colors to choose from and the formula's are amazing.  Out of the 17 Joe Fresh polishes that I own, I haven't found one bad formula.  I know that these can be hard to find if you don't live in Canada, but I have heard you can sometimes buy Joe at JC Penny in the States.  I also know you can buy these in New York, not sure what store though.  
This baby blue is called Aqua.  How beautiful is this?!  It manages to be bright but look soft at the same time.

Ok, I am seriously loving this gorgeous, bright purple called Lavendar.  I feel like this is pretty close to Essie Play Date which I've wanted for a long time.  It definately squashed my lemming until I can find Play Date!


Jade is unlike any green polish I own.  I think it is such a fun shade.  The consistency of Jade was really strange, it wasn't hard to work with at all, just different than anything I've come across before.  It is a crelly (cream-jelly) finish.


Last but certainly not least is my favorite of the bunch.  I picked this one up because I needed a 4th polish for their 4 for $10 deal.  I wasn't expecting to love this as much as I do.  I've had it on for 5 days and all I have is a bit of tip wear.  Is it weird that I like the look of tip wear?  Yes, it probably is!  Anyhoo, this purple beauty is called Violet.  It has a purple shimmer in it that makes it feel like it's glowing!


  1. These are very pretty! I love Aqua and Lavender.

  2. Seriously, you are killing me with these! I want every single Joe Fresh I've seen you swatch. Every. Single. One. ♥

  3. these are all so pretty, i want them all <3

  4. These colors are gorgeous! You really wear them beautifully!


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