Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Gradient Manicure, Liquid Palisade Review

Hey Dolls! 

I have a gradient/glitter/messy polish game changer for you guys!  I think I'm a little late to get on this band wagon, but oh man, I am ON IT now!  Kiesque, Liquid Palisade is like painter's tape for the nails!'  You can use it to get a nice clean line around your cuticles whether you are using glitter or just wanting a nice crisp line without the need for clean up!

I knew right away that I wanted to try a gradient using Liquid Palisade.  I love the look of gradients but loathe the clean up!  This makes it an absolute breeze!  First, you paint the Liquid Palisade all over your cuticles and let it dry.  You know it's dry when it turns a darker purple.

Once it's dry you paint/dab away with your regular polish and then just peel away the Liquid Palisade to reveal a perfectly crisp polish line!  So easy right?

I also received a French Manicure Liquid Palisade that has a long thin brush that you can use right on your nail to create an easy french manicure tip.

So how many of you have already used this product?  I am so glad that I found it and that it's actually easy to use and works perfectly!

You can purchase Liquid Palisade at Sephora.com and they retail for $17.00 cnd
For further instructions and videos please visit kiesque.com or LiquidPalisade.

*Samples provided for reviewing purposes


  1. Beautiful gradient and its so neat to see that this liquid palisade worked to help you achieve them.

    1. Thank you Lisa! I'm not afraid of messy gradients anymore, hahaha!

  2. wow looks so great and polished and clean...great product, these gradients are usually so messy...

    1. Thank you! I'm so happy with the clean results!!

  3. Looks great! What polishes you've used for gradient?


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