Friday, 3 February 2017

OPI Infinite Shine Fiji Spring/Summer 2017


Hey Dolls!

I have the brand new OPI Infinite Shine Fiji Collection for Spring/Summer 2017 to show you today!  This collection is so bright and fabulous and is making me dream of sandy beaches, aqua water, sunshine and flip flops.  It is currently snowing here in BC, so a girl can only dream!

First up is Two-timing the Zones, a bright and beautiful pink cream.  The formula was a bit sheer, so I used 3 coats to build it up to full opacity.

Getting Nadi on My Honeymoon is a lovely pale pink cream.  The formula is thick, make sure you let each coat dry completely before you start another one.  I used 3 coats.

Polly Want a Lacquer? is the loveliest pale lilac purple.  The formula was great, I used 2 coats for perfect opacity!

Living On the Bula-vard! is a crazy bright and fabulous coral cream.  The formula is fine, 2 easy coats.

No Tan Lines is a juicy orange cream.  I'm not usually a fan of orange, but I really liked this one on me, so bright and cheery.  The formula was a bit thick but easy to work with, I used 2 coats for this swatch.

Exotic Birds Do Not Tweet is a bright, sunny yellow.  Why the heck did it make my fingers look soooo red?  Anyways...I needed 3 coats of this yellow, which is pretty typical for yellow polishes.

I Can Never Hut Up is a grey cream polish with the prettiest aqua shimmer.  The formula was perfect, 2 easy coats.

Is That a Spear In Your Pocket? is a stunning teal blue cream.  The formula on this is super awesome, 2 very pigmented coats!  Make sure you double up with your base coat on this beauty, as shades like this often stain your nail beds.

Suzi Without a Paddle is a sweet aqua blue, and it is my hands down fave of this collection.  I absolutely love the hint of green in this beauty.  The formula was fine, I used 2 thickish coats for my swatch.

Coconuts Over OPI is a light tan cream.  The formula is perfect on this one, it's very pigmented.  I did 2 easy coats.

 Super Trop-i-cal-i-fiji-istic is a rich, sky blue cream.  This is a one coater (like a lot of blues), so smooth and easy to apply!

Do You Sea What I Sea? is gorgeous blue with shimmer that shifts from blue to purple.  The formula is pretty watery on this one, I needed 3 coats to get the opacity that I like.

The OPI Infinite Shine Fiji Collection for Spring/Summer 2017 is available now in professional salons and select retailers.

Will you be picking up any (or all!) polishes from the Fiji Collection?  Which one is your fave?

Have a great weekend lovelies!

Anne xo


  1. I really like the look of all the colors here.

  2. Oh wow this collection is beyond beautiful & your swatches are gorgeous. I love all these colours, I need to get my hands on these polishes!
    Vicky xx

  3. Well, I was feeling kinda meh about this collection until I saw your swatches. Hmmm, now I need to re-think it! Beautiful swatches, photos and thank you for the review!


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