Friday 19 May 2017

New OPI California Dreaming Collection for Summer 2017


Hiya Dolls!

I have the gorgeous new OPI California Dreaming Collection for Summer 2017 to share with you!  There are 12 new shades, 'including rich merlot and punchy pink, orange and coral hues, along with soft warm shades of rose, pink, peach and nude', according to OPI.

Time for a Napa is a bright, peachy-coral cream.  I love love love this shade!  Application was a dream, especially for a coral!  Two easy coats, no streakiness!

Malibu Pier Pressure is a sweet cotton candy pink.  This one is super bright in real life, it has a neon vibe to it.  The formula was pretty thick, but it leveled out nicely.  Two coats.

GPS I Love You is a deep, hot pink cream.  This one is perfection, super saturated.  Two coats.

Santa Monica Beach Peach is a hot punchy orange with a crelly finish.  I did two coats and could still see VNL, a third coat would probably take care of that.

Me, Myselfie and I is a bright coral cream.  This one has a perfect formula, and that's saying a lot for a coral!  Two perfect coats.

Feeling Frisco is a light nude that pretty much matched my exact skin tone.  Application was easy, two smooth coats.

Barking Up the Wrong Sequoia is a lovely dusty peach cream.  I was surprised at how much I loved this one.  I don't always love peach shades on me, but that dusty tone in there made me fall in love with it!  Two coats.

Excuse Me, Big Sur! is a lovely dusty rose with a perfect formula.  This one was so saturated, I almost got away with one coat!  It is a little thick, but it levels out nicely.

This is Not Whine Country is a bright purple merlot.  This one is a bit sheer, it ends up with a crelly finish.  Two coats.

To the Mouse House We Go! is a Minnie Mouse red with a jelly finish.  The formula was fine, two easy coats. Just watch your cuticles, it will stain!

Don't Take Yosemite for Granite is a slate grey with lovely silver shimmer.  This was an unexpected favorite of mine.  Great formula, two easy coats.

Sweet Carmel Sunday is a fabulous coppery, rose-gold.  You all know that I love shades like this now!  I can't get enough of metallics!  Two coats.

There we have it my lovelies!  The 12 new polishes of the California Dreaming Collection for Summer 2017.  Which one is your fave?

The California Dreaming Collection is available now in select salons, professional beauty outlets and prestige stores.  Check out OPI's website for more details.

Have a great May long weekend my lovelies!

Anne xo


  1. Some nice shades in this summer collection.

  2. Oh wow! These are gorgeous and your swatches are perfect.
    My fave is GPS I Love You, but Sweet Caramel Sunday is also great!!
    Vicky x

  3. You have the prettiest swatches ever!

  4. Do you have a special way of storing your polishes?

    1. I have mine all on display in those big ikea cubed bookshelves. We are moving soon and I will have to rethink my storage! I think I might use Helmers to save space :)

  5. Nice collection. Perfect Swatches. Thanks for sharing


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