Saturday, 30 June 2018

Sally Hansen Pacific Blue with Accent Nail

Hiya Dolls!

It only happens on rare occasions, but I busted out my Sally Hansen Pacific Blue.  I'm sure you know that I'm not a huge blue polish fan, but lately I have been so into blues!  When I received the new Glam Polish Mermaid Tails Collection, I knew right away that I wanted to pair Shell No! with Sally Hansen Pacific Blue.  I think they are a match made in heaven!

Sally Hansen Pacific Blue Glam Polish Shell No!

I'm sure that you are all aware that a few years ago, Sally Hansen completely changed Pacific Blue, it is no longer this gorgeous deep sky blue, but more of a navy with some shimmer in it.  Did any of you pick up some Pacific Blues before they changed the formula?

Have a great day lovelies!

Anne xo


  1. Yes! I picked up two and have never used it, despite blue being my favorite nail polish color.

  2. Your mani is beautiful! Your nails are always so spot-on and manis so well-done. Pacific Blue has to be the most perfect blue. I am still smh over that dunderhead move. I picked up a couple and had one bottle already. I tend to hoard them instead of using them, though, lol. That needs to change!

  3. Yes, I ran out and bought 3 bottles as soon as I heard they were changing the formula. It's beautiful on you.


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