Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Cirque Colors The Celestial Collection, Thermals


Hey Dolls!

I have the gorgeous new Cirque Colors Celestial Collection to share with you today.  This three-piece thermal collection is based on the sun, moon and stars.  I love thermals so much and these ones are so stunning.

Terra is a gorgeous thermal that changes to purple when cold and light blue when warm.  It has a beautiful copper shimmer and holographic sparkle.  Application was perfect, two easy coats.

Luna is a fabulous thermal that changes to dark violet when cold and turquoise when warm.  It has stunning teal shimmer and holographic sparkle.  I love the drastic color change from violet to turquoise!  Two coats.

Cirque Colors Luna

Look how stunning the color change is!

Cirque Colors Luna

This next pic is Luna starting to cool down.

Cirque Colors Luna

Sol is a gorgeous thermal that changes to purple when cold and baby pink when warm.  It has vibrant pink shimmer and lots of holographic sparkles.

Cirque Colors Sol

Cirque Colors Sol

Cirque Colors Sol

Cirque Colors also just came out with a new Cuticle Oil Pen that is made with nourishing argan and avocado oils.  It hydrates and conditions cuticles, promoting healthy nail growth.  It also has tea tree oil in it which is naturally antimicrobial and fungal.  I'm a little crazy about moisturizing my cuticles so I have been loving this easy to use pen!

The Cirque Colors Celestial Collection and Cuticle Oil Pen are available now on their website here.

Have a great day loves!

Anne xo

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