Saturday, 17 July 2021

Cirque Colors Drip Marble Nail Art

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I was in the mood for some Drip Marble Nail Art so I searched thru my Cirque Colors polishes,  They have some of the best bold colours and fun glitters and shimmers.

I chose Cirque Colors Bond St, Reflektor, Deja Vu, Taboo and Meet Me in Montauk for this drip marble.  I am wearing Meet Me in Montauk on my pointer finger and Taboo on my pinkie.

Cirque Colors Drip Marble Nail Art

Have you tried a Drip Marble Mani yet?  Do you have any Cirque Colors polishes? I love how they come out different every time!  There are so many color possibilities.

Have a great day loves,

Anne xo

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