Thursday, 19 January 2012

Cute Blog Award, and a blue glitter gradient

We are on day 3 of no school snow days due to extreme temps in BC this week!  Feeling a little house bound with the 2 girlies, but we've got plenty of crafts and nail polish to keep us going!

I finally got around to swatching my Revlon Midnight Affair.  Love the pretty blue shimmer in it.  And this is just one coat.  More pics below of it on it's own.

I sponged the tips with NYX Girls Turks and Caicos, love the circular glitter in this.


Midnight Affair on it's own.

The lovely Amandalandish gave me the Cute Blog Award!  Thank you girlie!
And how cute it the award?!

So with this award I'm supposed to tell something that I've never told on this blog...

I like nail polish.  Just kidding....

I'm a Doula (birthing assistant)


  1. That is stunning Anne , truely gorg. So cool that you are a doula - they do great work !

  2. This is an awesome gradient! Love it!

  3. Oooh I really like this one. Looks so nice on you!

  4. Gorgeous!!! Lovely combination (and is Midnight Affair ever beautiful!! I just got this not too long ago and I still need to swatch it. I am so glad that I saw your manicure because now I know what to expect from this beauty! :D)

    That is really interesting that you are a Doula! I have never met one before.

  5. I love the glitter you added to it! Very pretty.

  6. Wow that base blue is stunning! I am really loving this!

  7. both these are so pretty!! i love them!

  8. Rockin' the it!

    And I heart the fact that you're a doula! I've always wanted to do that but never liked bio enough to choose that as a major :/

  9. A beautiful job!! A drop dead gorgeous mani, love it love it!!

  10. That is a gorgeous manicure! I have similar polishes so I think I shall be recreating this soon :-)

  11. WOW! Just wow! This is so pretty! I want to try this ASAP! ... of course I don't have Midnight Affair or Turks and Caicos. BOO! :P I'm thinking maybe I can find some almost dupies in my stash?


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