Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Very Cherry

I came across Very Cherry today by Sally Hansen and had to pick it up.  It was on sale :)

Under my lamp it looks a lot more red than it actually is.  It's mostly pink, with lots of lovely silver shimmer.  It's sort of a mix between a glitter and a foil. 

In the the beautiful sunlight we're having in BC right now!

And this one shows the sparkly silver shimmer!


  1. This is very lovely!! Great shimmer in it! ^-^

  2. This is being added to my wish list STAT. Gorgeousness in a bottle!

    I nominated you for the Cute Blog Award:


  3. Oooh!!! I love this!!! I might have to add this to my list.

  4. This color is amazing! I think I may need to find it!

    Here is a fancy Cute Blog Award I think you deserve! <3

  5. Oh forgot the link!!

  6. Wow this polish is gorgeous! Such a shame Sally Hansen isn't sold in my country. By the way, I just gave you the Kreative Blogger Award, check my latest post for more info. Congrats!

  7. Ahhh all that shimmer! So pretty!

  8. oooh! gorgeous color! i may have to go out and look for that!


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