Saturday, 11 February 2012

Bettina Disco Boogie

I got a lovely little package in the mail the other day from Nory at Fierce Makeup and nails, containing my very first Bettina polish!  It was a thank you for participating in her Blogger Love week.  What a sweetheart to send a thank you polish!  I was so excited to get it!  Thank you again Nory!!!!

Here she is....

Sooooo lovely!  There are flashes of light pink, medium purple, dark purple and blue depending on the light.  I couldn't stop staring!

These last 2 pics are under my lamp.  There was a really awesome orange flash in the bottle, but I couldn't get it to show on the nail.

I am officially in love with Bettina polishes!


  1. and also, I tagged you for 11 questions, please check it out and answer my questions for me! thanks:)

  2. this is really awesome!!

  3. Yay I am so glad you like it!!! I love your pics they really make it come to life :)


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